"We tested GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY in multiple ways on two separate occasions. I believe there is great value in this outdoor sensor solution. Because fires typically double in size every minute, our receipt of accurate and timely information is key. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY has the potential to give us a leg up and be a difference-maker when it comes to winning the battle against unfolding wildfires and public safety events."
"Our field tests suggest that GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY will certainly help to pinpoint unfolding event location accuracy better than just relying on a citizen driving down the road and calling a 911 center. This outdoor, atmospheric monitoring solution will be paramount to improving public safety."
"Our recent field testing of the emerging GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY wildfire mitigation solution was very promising. We were pleasantly surprised by the sensor’s capability to detect simulated brush fires at favorable distances. We look forward to including GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY into our ongoing wildfire mitigation strategies and practices."
"The successful GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY demonstration spurred several discussions about the importance and impact of technology solutions in early wildland fire detection and warning."
"We are concerned about wildland fires year-round in our community and have a very progressive mindset in leveraging technology tools, such as GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY, for the fire service to help mitigate these types of fires."