First-Ever Wildfire Sensor Added to GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY® Fleet

Sep 13, 2022

First-Ever Wildfire Sensor Added to GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY® Fleet

Leveraging Electricity Grids To Increase Public Safety and Environmental Protection

RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GRID2020, Inc. announced today that the industry’s first-ever three-phase distribution transformer-mounted wildfire mitigation sensor device has successfully completed its intended regimen of private, secure cellular communications certification; now including prioritized utility operator and first responder cellular capability.

The novel GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY® PDTM wildfire sensor represents the company’s latest achievement. Requiring no power service interruptions to customers, this wildfire sensor solution will quickly mount onto existing three-phase overhead distribution transformers. When paired with the company’s previously certified single-phase transformer-mounted sensors, always-on community-wide wildfire conditions monitoring and auto-alerts capability is now made possible.

Time is of the essence, and information accuracy is imperative when it comes to public safety and wildfire containment; this innovative sensor solution facilitates both needs.  

GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY simultaneously provides outdoor smoke and gasses detection, ground surface temperature monitoring, ambient temperature monitoring, and changing humidity levels; symptoms which oftentimes are individually and collectively indicative of unfolding wildfire events.   
“Three-phase transformers typically service many of our most valued community assets. Hospitals, schools, businesses, government buildings, high-density residence buildings, etc. are among the list. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY PDTM wildfire sensors will now enable authorities to better protect these vital structures by leveraging nearby overhead three-phase transformer assets. Our sensors quickly install to yield always-on environmental, atmospheric, and intra-grid monitoring canopies,” said Alan Snook, company spokesperson. “What could be more important than proactively protecting our most valuable institutions, and protecting the people within our communities who inhabit them every day?”

Utility operators can deploy GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY sensors onto most overhead distribution transformers in under 10 minutes. Key features include Early Detection, Auto Alerts, Wildfire Prevention, and ongoing Situational Awareness data during unfolding public safety events. By uniquely leveraging the location, height, and density of existing overhead transformers, an “always on” outdoor monitoring canopy which overarches communities can be quickly created. Delivering a novel wildfire mitigation tool as public safety events and related risks continue.

Since 2017, US wildfire damages have consistently ranged from $50 Billion to $100+ Billion annually. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY delivers a first-ever, expanded use of the existing electricity grid infrastructure to reduce these recurring, devastating costs. Per recent National Interagency Fire Center data, as of early June 2022 nearly 29,000 wildfires were recorded in the US; consuming over 2 million acres. Already, hundreds of homes have been destroyed in 2022. Per publicly announced First Street Foundation forecasts, US wildfire devastation occurrence is projected to escalate annually through 2052. Recent information suggests that 80 million US properties will be at risk of wildfire impact during the next 3 decades, with up to 1.6 million US properties being categorized as Severe Risk, and up to 6 Million US properties categorized as Major risk. Clearly, wildfire risk has entered a crisis level in the US.

GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY is well-timed based upon the now-perennial wildfire crisis, much-needed public safety protection enhancement requirements, harmful Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction interests, and given vital federal funding support made available via the bipartisan US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021.

“We have now developed a full suite of versatile GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY sensors that will be deployed right where we all live, work, sleep, and play. Nothing can be more necessary than proactively protecting our communities and our environment from ongoing, senseless wildfire devastation. Our game-changing outdoor monitoring technology installs in mere minutes onto existing single and now three-phase overhead transformers. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY will create Always-On public safety defense canopies throughout countless at-risk communities by uniquely leveraging existing distribution grid architecture,” said Snook.